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(just kidding. i'm a pacifist.)

daaaaaannnnnnnnnaaaaaaa k
16 September
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, accidents, acoustic guitars, acting, bad poetry, bargain-bin books, barnes and noble, being long-winded, being oblivious, black-and-white photographs, blowing bubbles, blue eyes, bonfires, books, boys, bracelets, brainteasers, breaking rules, brownies, bruises, brushing my teeth, cafés, cannibal! the musical, chai, cigarettes, classic poetry, coffee, coloring outside the lines, comforters, conversations of minimal words, corny jokes, crayons, cuddling, dancing, dancing jellybeans, daydreaming, days of the week, diesel sweeties, diet coke, doodling, dorks, emo, expiration dates, eyes, fire, folders, funny underwear, geeks, geeky boys, german, gum, hands, hickeys, history, ice cream, indie films, indie rock, information, insomnia, irony, kissing, knitting, knowledge bowl, laughing, literature, love letters to nobody, making faces at babies, making jewelry, making out, musical theatre, my camera, my composition book, my ipod, my-best-friend-tommy, nail polish, new shoes, non sequiturs, obscure words, oddities, old movies, paint, paper airplanes, payphones, pencils, pennies, pens, physics, pirates, playing in the rain, poetry, polaroids, pony beads, proper grammar, public speaking, punctuation, purple, puzzles, questions, rainstorms, rambling, reading, reefer, robots, rockin' out, sarcasm, saying inappropriate things, scars, science class, secrets, self-expression, semantics, sex, showers, singing, singing in public, ska, sleeping, smiles, soap, spanish, speaking up, spiral notebooks, stickers, surrealism, sushi, sweaters, takings things apart, talking, tea, the smell of rain, the word 'egregious', theatre, thrift stores, thunder and lightning, trivia, truth, typographical errors, underage drinking, useless knowledge, vintage t-shirts, waking up, walls, weather, weed, weird questions, wit, writing, writing in ink, yelling,